Facebook Groups Created & Managed. Use the Tabs below to navigate through the Groups.

This is local community message board for the Virgin Islands – Established in June 2015.

A group for Deadpool Movie fans and Cosplayers – Established in December 2022.

A group for Maryland Cannabis growers and fans – Established in November 2022.

This is a group for interesting posts, humor (lots of humor) and thoughtful ideas – Established in May 2021.

3D Print Depot is a new group to share ideas and designs to do with 3D Printing and 3D Modeling – Established in April 2023.

A group for this specific type of Travel Trailer, sharing advice for owners – Established in April 2022.

I created this group while traveling, it’s based around the people I know from my old high school – Established in January 2016.

This small group runs along side our family RV Rental company “JennEscapes” – Established in February 2022.

JennEscapes is our family RV Rental business, this group is for our renters and travelers – Established in April 2021.